The structure of this book can be read on double(left-end and right-end) sides. The mother's interview, who sees her child looking as if ungainly black dog among people, is starting on left-end page and the boy's interview, who sees his mother looking as if dreadful gorilla among people on right-end page. The both of mother and child are angry and sad with each other because they are not expected person each other.  The mid-full image shows that the mother and child pass the way under the umbrella after the interview and the dressed animals are crowded with street.   
The Mother’s interview 1 (Mother’s eyes)                                                                                                        Mother thinks her son always gobbles everything up at a table so eagerly. 
The Mother’s interview 2 (Mother’s eyes)                                                                                                         Mother says, her son is always tinkering with daydreaming in his messy room.
The boy's interview 2 (boy’s eyes)                                                                                                                         The boy likes staying in the class to the end because he doesn't want to listen to her scolding.
The boy's interview 1 (boy’s eyes)                                                                                                                         The boy thinks his mother always throw up his best buddies without even a word.
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